For the Love of Art Fair

2024 Honorary Artist: Susan M. Ward

“Art allows me to reflect on my own life
​and lets me express my interpretation of current events and even my own mortality. When I create a work of art, whether it is a drawing, print, or sculpture, I bring into each piece a part of my life’s journey.”
– Susan M Ward

Susan Ward has studied at The Art Institute of Chicago, Santa Reparata International School of The Arts, Florence, Italy and obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Indiana University. She graduated in 2018 with high honors, receiving many awards including the Arts in Excellence Award, which she earned twice, the only student to do so. Susan also earned a minor in Art History and Printmaking. She has exhibited throughout the region and in Italy and currently has her art in Israel. Susan is an active member of the Indiana Women’s Caucus for The Arts, the National WCA and the Northern Indiana Artist Assoc.

Memorial to Scott Hatt April 23, 1957 ~ October 26, 2021

Scott was an artist, specializing in collage art. His work in the 1990’s focused on the creation of prints of hand-colored collage pieces. In the period 2000 to 2008 he developed the computer skills needed to work in digital collage and graphic design and taught these subjects at IU South Bend from 1998 to 2003. After 2008 Scott concentrated on works that combined collage with acrylic painting, and also created many works that combined collage with box constructions. In 2005 Scott opened the Spurious Fugitive Gallery in Downtown South Bend, curating and mounting monthly shows featuring cutting-edge local and national artists. He closed the gallery in 2009 due to the financial crisis. Using social media, he continued to collaborate with American and International collage artists until his health no longer permitted these activities.

Among his achievements as an artist were: winning first prize in a competition sponsored by the South Bend Museum of Art for his work “South Bend Box” (2008); and invited participation is many local and national gallery shows, including works exhibited in San Diego, CA, St. Petersberg, FL, Univ of Massachesetts, Amherst, and many others. Scott was also an amateur cellist, and participated in 100 musical improvisations with PLATO & the Western Tradition, a local improvisation ensemble, often inserting interesting and sometimes controversial texts into the textures of improvisation.

2024 Artist list - Names added daily.

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Karen Rowland

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Ruth and David Jellema

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Susan Ward

Lori Kammerread

Scott Hatt

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Brabent Lenting