For the Love of Art Fair

2025 show: February 1-2

Why join For the Love of Art?

  • We accept only a few artists per medium to ensure all artists will benefit financially.
  • We choose an array of different types of art to meet everyone’s art perspective.
  • We go above and beyond to accommodate each artist and promote their work.


  • Best in Show- Credit for next year’s show, gift certificate to Blick Art Materials, and hotel accommodations for next year.
  • Best Booth Contest – Credit for next year’s show and gift certificate to Blick Art Materials.
  • Best Body of Work – Credit for next year’s show and gift certificate to Blick Art Materials.

Load in on Friday. Noon – 7 pm.

Complimentary pizza at 3 pm.

Tear down

Sunday, shortly after closing and once all patrons are out of the building. Tearing down early will result in forfeiting you from participating in future KoZmo Event shows.

Can’t download the application? Request an application at

Be sure to add three  images of your artwork, and one booth shot.

Add your website too.

Our artists pride themselves on quality art and professional booth displays.

Artist are responsible for creating their own gallery space with walls.

10 x 10 $425
10 x 15  $625
10 x 20 $850
No subcontracting.
One artist per 10 x 10 booth.
Late /inconvenience fee of $50.00 after October 15, 2024 2024. We would like to have all the artists on our website by November 15, 2024.
You must re-jury every three years. 

Original works of art will take precedent.
Absolutely NO AI work!

Pipe and drape rental:
10 x 10 $45
10 x 20  $60

Electric- $50.00 for three days.
Paid to the Century Center.

All artists must set-up on Friday.

All booths must have walls to create your own gallery space.

* The artist must be present both days.
* All displays must be professional.
* 85% of your work must be original art.
* Prints must be signed, numbered and limited. 
* No outsourcing, made in China prints.
* No Fine Art America prints.
* Please submit three images of your artwork and one booth image with your application. 


We will be marketing to art buyers 30+ years old with disposable incomes.

Advertising area:

  • Elkhart
  • South Bend
  • Kalamazoo
  • Fort Wayne
  • North West Indiana
  • South West Michigan
  • Chicago

Paid advertising:

  • WNDU
  • Art Fair Insider
  • Sunshine Artist
  • Several publications
  • Internet sites,
  • Newspapers.
  • Social media
  • Posters.

Media Coverage

Thank you WNIT/PBS and Experience Michiana for your continues support.

Thank you Lake Shore Public Radio/NPR "Art on the Air".

Listen to Ann Susan Ward discuss her art with Larry and Ester, as well as Michael Jon DeHays of Imphormal.
Listen to Ann Klem discuss her art with Larry and Ester.
Listen to Sam DeCarlo discuss her art with Larry and Ester.
Listen to Laura Gutzwiller and Kent Epler discuss their art with Larry and Ester.
Listen to Don Widmer and Amy Butt discuss their art with Larry and Ester.

Our artists take pride in their booth display.